Maria Iotova

A wanderer at heart, when people ask me where I come from, I say “it’s complicated”. Understanding people and reading books are the best investments in life. My favorite artist is my dad, and these days I am fixated on making dreams come true.

Why is e-learning important: An interview with an expert

In a fast-evolving job market, where new sectors are emerging every few years, employers need to consider how they will upgrade the skills of their staff, so that they can respond to the new demands. Employees, on the other hand, must find ways to keep up with the changes in the workplace. Investing in e-learning comes with many benefits for both sides — fewer hours and costs of training new staff, and more engaged and responsible employees. Stephen Somerville, Director of Business Development at FutureLearn, talks to about the importance of e-learning for businesses and employees, and the current trends in e-learning.

Nomadic lifestlye: The way to freedom

What is better than having the opportunity to earn a living while travelling around the world? The lifestyle of a digital nomad has its ups and downs but first and foremost is rewarding, and it gives you the freedom to discover new cultures, meet interesting people, and create the life you want to live in. Sanne, a digital nomad and blogger, has been living on her own terms for nearly a decade and speaks to about her nomadic journey.

International Yoga Day: A healthy mind in a healthy body

While the yogis around the world are taking their positions on International Yoga Day, speaks to Nathalie, a body and mind yoga and fitness instructor, about the benefits of yoga and her decision to move to Mauritius. After having lived in Belgium, France, Spain and Singapore, Nathalie decided to come to Mauritius and discover her roots while she's praising a holistic approach to health and life.

The benefits of coworking spaces: Why coworkers thrive

The freelance and entrepreneurial economies are thriving, especially among the Millennials and Gen Z working population. In 2016 there were 55 million freelancers in the USA, and it’s estimated that by 2020 freelancers in the US will make 50% of the total workforce. But where do freelancers and digital nomads work? You have definitely seen them in the cafés or the park, however, with more than 10,000 coworking spaces around the world, remote work has been redefined. Here we look into the benefits of coworking spaces, the etiquette for deskmates, and we give you tips on how to choose the right coworking space for you.

Ahlem Mahroua: How I left Google to become a digital nomad

Ahlem is a blogger and the founder of Digital Nomads Media. Born in France to Algerian parents, she grew up in a multicultural environment — it's this setting that sparked her love for languages and traveling. Ahlem has lived in Mumbai, London, Madrid, Dublin, Lisbon, and currently, she lives in Barcelona. A sales manager at Google for six years in the field of online advertising and marketing, Ahlem created the site last year after leaving Google to pursue her own passions. She is a digital nomad who writes about her travel experiences and entrepreneurship on her blog.

Talking expatriation and beyond with international relations analyst Alana Moceri

Alana Moceri is a university professor at Universidad Europea in Madrid. Being an American expat in Spain, her areas of expertise cover politics and communication in the US, the European Union, and Spain. Alana is also passionate about public diplomacy, public opinion, and activism. She shares with her expat experience in Spain, and — no matter how hard we tried — we couldn't resist including some politics in our conversation.
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7 Small, Conscious Changes You Can Make on Earth Day

We are so fond of your mighty stylish home — tech-less living room, artisan accents, subway tiles. But on the 22nd of April, we praise your other, bigger home, the one decorated with dense forests, pounding waterfalls and cloud-shrouded mountaintops. That is, we celebrate Earth, the home you share with us and every other living being. And if any place is in need of spring cleaning, it's our planet. This Earth Day, take action by making some small, meaningful changes in your daily life. Not sure where to start? Our guide helps everyone live more sustainably and consciously, whatever your personality. Because green is the new black.

4 countries that support women'’s empowerment

This year’s International Women’s Day is about taking bold actions and making bold changes. If your personal empowering step towards change is moving to a new country to follow a career prospect, support your partner’s dream, or reimagine yourself, we suggest you pick your destination wisely. But before you embark on your journey, remember all the challenges women throughout history met, the fights they fought, and the obstacles they overcome.
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Dear Diaries

It's that time of the year again — the time when you realize that you didn't quite stick to your New Year's resolutions. Not much has changed since January except perhaps your niece's drawings (you can finally distinguish that unicorn from the squiggle) and which TV series you're binge-watching. But spring is upon us, and with it comes another opportunity to start fresh, to begin a new chapter. Here, we share the online writing tools that have helped us do exactly that. We dare you to type what will be the first of many words to come.
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What Living in Mauritius Has Taught Me

A year ago, my announcement that I was going to live on a tropical island for 24 months drew cheers from my friends and family. All except one. He, an ardent traveler who had already seen much of the world when baggage allowance wasn't a thing, wished me good luck. Today is my 374th day on the miniature island of Mauritius, and like a prisoner knows its cell, I know all its hidden gems, corners and roundabouts. I also know a little bit more about myself — and why good luck is necessary.

Perry Yeatman: The benefits of living and working abroad

During the past 30 years Perry Yeatman has built the career and life of her dreams. She has worked with world leaders, such as Margaret Thatcher and Bill Clinton. She has been a senior executive at Unilever and Kraft Foods, and has led transformational projects, from Russia’s economic reform to developing the World Economic Forum’s New Vision for Agriculture. In doing so, she was travelling the world, while making a difference and being a wife and mother. Today she helps others to do the same, and talks to about how focus, determination, hard work, and the support of others can help anyone fulfil their career and life dreams.
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